Panacea  Steel  Hanging Basket  Green
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Panacea Steel Hanging Basket Green

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Product Description

This hanging basket has a natural look giving your patio a new style. Looking fresh and lush without water or care, this beautiful hanging basket will grace your home or office decor for years to come. The unique natural compositions of Panacea hanging baskets consummately supplement the characteristic magnificence of your hanging plants and flowers. The generous round shape underscores spreading flowers. Panacea baskets gives a protected and excellent container for your plants to flourish.
  • Steel basket with coco liner
  • Durable vinyl coated steel construction
  • Liner woven from 100 percent natural coconut fiber
  • Round hanging basket
  • Keep plants roots healthy by allowing for air and water circulation


  • Brand Name: Panacea
  • Material: Steel
  • Product Type: Hanging Basket
  • Color: Green
  • Liner Included: Yes
  • Shape: Round
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